If you have purchased a boat or yacht and are now interested in improving its overall appearance, yacht and boat detailing might be an option for you. The process involves cleaning, polishing and restoring the finish of a boat or yacht so it looks good. Detailing businesses also provide repairs and touch ups.

Before hiring a boat detailing services in Palm Harbor, it’s important to make the final decision on what you want the company to do. Once you’ve determined the specific details you want the company to focus on (i.e. boat detailing, yacht and boat detailing), you can go about researching the different companies in your area by asking for quotes. Comparing the quotes you receive will help you narrow down your final decision on who to hire as your exterior and interior boat detailing company.

One way to evaluate companies is to ask for examples of jobs they have done in the past. A business that has recently helped a client achieve the goal of having a boat that is up to par in appearance should be able to produce examples of work they’ve completed for others. Exterior and interior boat detailing services that have examples of their work should be able to provide references. It’s also helpful to learn how long the business has been in business since clients will want to know if the service is of a high quality or if the business just started. This will help you determine whether or not the company has a proven track record for cleaning yachts.

It’s also important to know what types of services are covered in the final quote. Be sure to find out if all of the work is included in the estimate or if additional steps are requested after the quote is generated. Many companies offer optional services such as washing and waxing, cleaning marinas and dock areas, deep cleaning of the hull, as well as more extreme treatments like painting the exterior trim. If a professional boat detailing service requests these extra services be sure to question whether those services will really be worth the added cost.

Another area to look for in a boat detailing service is their availability. Can they come to your location or will you need to travel to their facility? What hours are available and will they work on your boat during convenient times of day? Is there an automatic reply system for emergencies? Does the company offer a guarantee/service contract? Most car detailing experts are happy to offer an up-front estimate for the services they will provide and will often provide a written estimate when asked.

One of the most important factors in choosing a car detailing service is their level of personalization. Personalized services should include such things as providing a custom license plate for your boat, writing your name on your boat so it can be identified at ports of call, designing your logo, creating a decal to place on your boat identifying your business and even developing a key chain of matching interior and exterior detailing items. Car detailing experts understand that many people prefer to take care of their own boats by restoring them rather than hiring another company to do the job. A personalized touch goes a long way towards building a customer base and providing repeat customers with top-notch service. The next time you want to have your boat detailed consider a custom detailing company.

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